welcome to boy with pigtails website in 2021.

its now been 21 years online for this site, we started life as www.analogue.org.uk in 2000 and you can still find us at that address! we are celebrating 21 years of the music we make and we are celebrating 21 years of political statements!

pigtails is about to return to the studio for 2021 he made a number of albums during lockdown and there whilst nothing has really been released, save a couple of now-deleted-from-soundcloud albums he made, he intends to record more records and perhaps release them one day.

his six album that ARE out, are on streaming services and are still popular and we encourage you to go listen to them.

​type in Boy With Pigtails on any major streaming service.

​except Napster, fuck Napster they put his albums up under the wrong names and fucking won't change them. bastards.

​pigtails is currently recording, as we say, but he's also following political developments and is writing extensively at his GeoPolitiCorp twitter account (see the links on our hub page).

Trump tried to Overthrow America by Design, his supporters/followers showed they have only chaos and fermenting of insurrection on their minds.

Biden should be a safer pair of hands, but we watch for Imperialist Grand Design with the MultiNational Democrat Party.


im listening to tunes. lots of tunes. I got lots of lockdown music to ruminate on. here's some stuff listed that I'm listening to:

McCartney III

The Farm Best Of

White Stripes Seven Nation Army

Electric Pet Shop Boys

Backstreet Boys Best of

Westlife Best of

Clubland Classics from 1990s

Second Coming The Stone Roses

Marilyn Manson Best Of

Macy Gray I Try

Madonna Immaculate Collection/Erotica

Beyonce Lemonade

Primal Scream Best Of

blur the magic whip

suede beautiful ones best of


as regular readers will know, I'm not one for listening to too much new bands (sic) and stuff, most of them sound like teapots.

​I prefer the older stuff, led Zeppelin is a band and the doors are a band I'm starting to dig into.

the stones, the Beatles, etc.


my position on the current music scene is:

halfwits making computers do all the work. write a song? I don't think so.


​so this update is done.

we advise you to follow pigtails @boywithpigtails on twitter for all your latest pigtails fix requirements.

until next time, keep groovy.

​chaosica records