welcome, after a few weeks of testing, to our daily blog page.

​this is a guide on what is going on with all things pigtails boy with pigtails bwp he answers to them and all.

currently my listening is on headphones, and speakers from an iPod and also I use vinyl and Alexa.

​here's some records I've been listening to recently:

pet shop boys Electric

oasis Dig Out Your Soul

primal scream Screamadelica

backstreet boys: everybody (backstreets back), I'll never break your heart

spice girls: say you'll be there, stop, spice up your life, step to me

take that: pray, back for good, relight my fire

911: don't make me wait

​spacemen3: recurring

that's just a flavour of what's been on my iPod and I listen to the music to absorb its influence, sound and direction and then from there, I try to work out what makes the record what it is to me.

​I'm not listening for specific notes chords or sequences I don't sit with a musical instrument with me dissecting them. no, I listen to absorb.

​the words I like to learn and think about. 

​pop music is a difficult thing to make it has a bad reputation it is seen as corporate and fake it is usually about love and that pisses off many.

​I'm willing to take that criticism too because I'm in love with pop music I adore it

​I'm a fan of classic pop 1930s until 1999 beyond that we are talking processed Westernised culture pop and I'm very discerning about that, sure I listen to some Taylor Swift but I don't rate Billie Ellish very much.

​Bad Guy sounds like a plagiarised riff to me.

pop music is the greatest thing when its done right and pet shop boys Electric is as good as anything they've ever done they're a brilliant brilliant pop band

​I first bought suburbia on 7' when I was 14 and I was raised by tennant-lowe compositions as they were my favourite band as a teenage maniac, until the stone roses blew open my mind aged 17.

the battle of the bands is that pop is all about survival you must be able to survive changing tastes and whims

look at the beach boys and Beatles they had to do a new single once every three months, and two albums minimum a year to keep up with record company demands and they had to be great. even the beach boys would suffer when suddenly a song would flop in the US charts, or the Beatles would be over in the media as soon as say, Come Together/Something only got to number 4 in the UK Charts.

singles and albums define a pop band more than a rock band because it's always over as soon as one mis-step or commercial underachievement.

​and thats' why I trade in pop music myself, I fancy the challenge.

​right now I have been unable to reach a wide audience but New York Girl is on Internet Radio and suddenly it's over 1000 Spotify plays and so I grow a small but great audience.

it's quite clear that sustained marketing will help me reach more people, but I'm a 21st Century pop star, unwilling to feed my own Ego, you must do it for me by talking about me and playing the record yourself and for other people if you can. word of mouth please too.

​pop music is the greatest thing.

more daily blogs to come but this will start you off. thanks for visiting my website and reading my words, it is appreciated.

​we love you say the Rolling Stones and I agree

Boy With Pigtails


*this article was updated to the correct spelling of Tennant we apologise for any Confucius caused.