fucks sake what am I doing here?


more madness prevails as I continue writing here for some unknown prevailing reason

im not compelled, more forced really.

hahah no one has a gun at my head he says looking over at the rabbit, whose pointing at the computer saying 'come on then, they're waiting' so there you go. here I am.

new album theory #24

ooo just worked out how to get a hashtag, anyway, new album is not on the stereo much I've barely played it

​I don't love it yet

its unloved by me

it must earn it

oh it must!

​I think of it, I think of how its subtle and genius is something I'm questioning deliberately in order to see it fight back, see it scrap for its future and survival

there are micro increment issues on some tracks just moments where you think, beat too soon? element out of time? but that is all to fuck with his mind says heaven

​needs a computer fix says heaven and we could do that but I'm not doing it, it can be done, but I personally won't do it or oversee it I'll just hear the fixes please

but how when will that be done!? they cry

​it won't be! I snort derisively at the album

you can listen with the micro increment issues but says heaven once you hear them there's no going back

​I try to spot them as I go but even I cant spot everything immediately im too eager to record still says heaven watching my processes of making the records recently must slow down! says another voice

​so the next next album not the next one but the next next one is on his mind already says heaven and thats gotta wait he finds out here

first what? first we wait


​I listened to the album the other day for a few listens and did not love it I mean I thought wow its great what a job to write and perform that but I dont love it yet and that is critical love is

all 24 have something to give they all give but they are too soon too much says heaven to me

needs time to gestate

heaven says so


​bought a new bass pedal with modelling sounds on it as I found it online by accident in bass pedal section and I felt I had little to offer in bass sounds on the recent album so that needs fixed for future recordings

it arrives tomorrow

​and Sunday sees my left handed ukulele arrive


china IXX

must pay the cost of corona virus with political reality emerging it must be stopped from arbitrarily doing whatever it wants whenever it wants

it has destroyed HK autonomy 

well XI, you face geopolitical destruction

we will take you out diplomatically at UN

EU are silent because EU need Chinese investment? EU is not fit for purpose

​broader scales are required ladies and gentlemen and if you cant get with the modern age programme the situation in our modern day then you are living in the past and if you are living in the political past you are not adaptable to the modern needs for politics and will become politically obsolete

china blew it big time phew big one big mistake

​and its time to pay the piper Xi make no mistake the big one is here and is wanting here and now payment back

and you must deliver you swine or else you'll suffer torment like everyone else in hell

sod it

​you're going to hell regardless 

just like MAO you will suffer torment and misery


politics is a rough game say HANDSOME Organisation, and no one is tougher or rougher than me and those with me


you are against freedom how can we allow you to mingle amongst free people when you want to deliberately and viciously erode our civilisations with desires of control?

​you cant so you won't says me and heaven has my back not yours


you have no ancestors they're all in hell


beware China, HANDSOME Organisation is a front for  indigenous humanity shields\


big boys vs little boys 


so this weekend we will write periodically and I see our viewers soared to double of yesterday with one posting earlier

someone's nosey


me and the rabbit are having a quiet drink watching Bundesliga talking about China and the parallels we spot with the situations we have found ourselves in over the last wee while wuhan virus? the zoom virus more like imagine sitting broadcasting from home all your fans must be like hmmm

​got the acoustic guitar out earlier could I think of anything to write? um no. thats been a week must be drying up hahah no ive lots of stuff written this year already just got nothing right now it'll come back :-|


with that he's gone! by for now angels says Heaven